How to pack for the whole summer? Don’t forget to take these eight things with you

Two months of work and one month of fun combined with traveling across America. What are the eight things you need to pack for the biggest adventure of your life? Read what your luggage should contain in addition to hygiene items, documents, clothes, and underwear.

A small handbag – possibly a satchel or a bag

Backpack, handbag, satchel or canvas bag – excellent in case you land somewhere and don’t want to take all your luggage on the trip. All you have to do is throw a bottle of water, documents, a camera, and some snacks into the rucksack. You will have everything essential with you.

Sneakers for all weather

Sneakers are a must have, because in America you will walk several hundred kilometers. All the better if they are practical and can withstand rain or mud. You never know when you’ll find yourself at a festival or in the desert.

Power bank and adapter

A power bank is a very useful thing. Imagine you’re in your dream American location, taking photos or videos, and suddenly your smartphone gives you a loud signal that it’s running out of juice. It’s bad luck to leave your dream place without a photo, but what if you get lost in the busy streets of New York and desperately need navigation help? In such situations, a power bank can literally save your life. It is also good to know that in the USA they have different sockets than here. Therefore, you should not forget the travel adapter (reduction to the socket).

Small bottles for cosmetics

Small bottles in which you can put shampoo, disinfectant, or shower gel. A practical thing that you can use not only for transporting liquids during the flight, but also suitable for the trip itself in the USA – it takes up a minimum of space and you don’t have to lug around large packages of shampoos or creams around the national parks. You can find travel bottles almost everywhere and they are usually packed in a practical bag with a zipper closure.


Whether it’s euros or dollars, it never hurts to have some cash with you in addition to your card. For example, in case of loss or theft of the card, you will have a financial advance available, and cash will be useful in establishments where it is not possible to pay by card.

Poncho / blanket/h2> A poncho or blanket is a great companion for cooler evenings, picnics in the grass, and serves well as a blanket during car trips. They are compact, do not wrinkle and can help in several situations.

Comfortable clothes

Whether we’re talking about sweatpants, leggings or a T-shirt. At least one piece of clothing for the upper and lower body can make your stay in America more pleasant. Whether lounging in your apartment, traveling, or taking a simple trip to the store, it’s important to feel comfortable wherever you are.


No one wants to ruin their trip with a headache. In such a case, quick help in the form of pills is the easiest thing to do. In addition to analgesics, however, we recommend having a mini first-aid kit with you – bandages, plasters, or disinfectants can be very useful.

Bonus at the end

When packing your luggage, we recommend making a list of things you want to pack with you. In the case of clothes, a great trick is to choose pieces in neutral colors – this trick will simplify combining clothes and packing – back to basics!