Queen of English in four months? It can be done!

"Traveling in America - that's the experience with a capital E. It doesn't matter where you go, whether you go alone or with friends. It will always be something you will talk about for a very long time and think back to places full of experiences that changed your life."
Elisabeth Walsh from Martin
Biology student at the University of Konstantin the Philosopher in Nitra

What type of people do you think this program is best for?

A very simple question – for everyone. And especially for those who hesitate. It is the best way to make the ordinary, which you are used to, extraordinary. Also, for those who are thinking about what to do after exams, traveling abroad, earning money, and improving your foreign language skills is exactly what you want to do in the summer.

Is there something you didn’t expect that the program brought you?

I had no idea that four months would make me the queen of English. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. Being in America makes you talk. First with hands – feet, and then you won’t believe how you just made such an excellent English sentence – and with their American accent!

If you had to do the SWT program again, would you do anything differently?

I would change absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t trade being an “American” for a few summer months for anything in the world. Actually, there is one thing, I would extend the duration of the SWT program and prepare a bigger suitcase, because you will enjoy shopping in America.

Any travel tips or practical advice on what to pack?

Be sure to take spices, they are very expensive. Pack a minimum of things, because as I already mentioned, shopping will be your new hobby. A power bank is a great thing, which you should definitely pack.