Just a few steps to your dream summer in America:

Step 1
Choose an agency

Step 2
Arrange an interview

Step 3
Sign the contract and pay the fee

Step 4
Connect with employers and receive a job offer

Step 5
Submit important documents

Step 6
Pass the visa interview at the U.S. embassy

Step 7
Book your tickets and secure your insurance

Step 8
Complete a briefing with the agency before departure

Step 9
Board the plane and enjoy an unforgettable summer in America

How to choose an agency?


However, do not decide just on the amount of fees itself


Published references


Personal assistance in case of issues


  • 1,500 € – €2,000 € is usually required in advance

  • some agencies offer smaller upfront fees and additional payments during the summer

  • by location – beach vs. city ​​vs. nature

  • according to personality type introvert / extrovert (waiter vs. housekeeping)

  • according to the level of the English language (waiter vs. housekeeping)

  • according to expectations – is your priority earnings or experience (accordingly, choosing a position with a tip, two jobs, overtime)

  • according to abilities – physical fitness (lifeguard)

  • depending on whether the employer provides accommodation

this is individual – often employers offer either accommodation or at least assistance in finding it

preferably after a successful interview at the American Embassy

most agencies offer two options – postpone the trip by a year or refund, check with the agency

check out the itineraries we prepared for easier planning

no later than October 15, provided you do not miss the start of school

Choose an expe­ri­enced and reliable agency!

We have prepared a list of agencies that will reliably guide you through the entire process and take care of you during the summer. Each agency offers its own portfolio of job opportunities and locations where you can apply. Choose according to the type of work, location, or recommendation of acquaintances. All agencies on this list meet the necessary criteria for a hassle-free summer in America.