Planning your big trip to California?

Thinking of heading to the West Coast for sun, stunning coastline, and dramatic national parks? We have prepared a list of the top places across California. Whether you choose a route that starts at the northern borders of Lake Tahoe and heads south to Los Angeles, or a road trip from Yayou that heads west from Death Valley towards the Pacific Ocean, you’re sure to discover breathtaking places along the way.

Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada

Head to Sequoia National Park and experience the breathtaking beauty of the sites found in Tulare County. Check out some of the biggest trees you’ll ever see! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the General Sherman tree. This tree is rumored to be 2,300 to 2,700 years old. The tree was named after General Sherman in 1879 by his first lieutenant, James Wolverton, who was under his command in the 9th Indian Cavalry.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory is located on the corner of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles and is a great place to learn about the extraterrestrial world. This world-famous monument has always been free. The planetarium offers equally spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles. The observatory can be a great addition to your trip in California that you shouldn’t miss.

Pier 39, San Francisco

No California trip would be complete without San Francisco and the infamous Pier 39. This once functioning commercial pier has now been transformed into an open space of restaurants, shops, and bathing seals.

Old Town San Diego and Balboa Park

San Diego is a great place to experience excellent California wines and Mexican cuisine. Visit the Old Town Historic State Park, which was established at the beginning of the 19th century. It’s an epic place that we recommend adding to your bucket list. We also recommend Oscar’s Mexican Seafood, one of the best Mexican restaurants where you can try smoked and fresh fish.

Mono Lake and Mono County

Located in Mono County, this relatively shallow lake has been forming for thousands of years. Mono Lake is a great place for a short break. Have a picnic or just relax by the water’s edge. Just be sure not to drink the water! Due to the high salt content, this lake is a unique and very salty body of water.

Route 66

No trip to California would be complete without a trip along the infamous Route 66. Take this historic road west from the ocean toward the Arizona-Nevada border. Along the way, there are many wonderful places to stop for great food and stay overnight. Be sure to pack plenty of water, as the dry and arid desert can be unforgiving on any California road trip.

Temecula, Riverside County

Temecula is an inland city that lies between San Diego and Los Angeles. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride, check out the local options! You can also enjoy the award-winning wines that are famous in this region.

Santa Monica Pier & Pacific Park, Los Angeles

If you want to have fun in Santa Monica in a unique way, you can go to the pier, which is located along the Pacific Ocean. Visiting the pier is free but don’t forget to take a few bucks to ride the coolest carousel in town.

Alcatraz, San Francisco

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on an island in a famous high security prison? Now is your chance. Take a short boat ride from Pier 39 directly to the prison where some of the most famous criminals in the country were housed.

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Our itinerary includes athletes and sports fans. Immerse yourself in a baseball game at Dodger Stadium and experience the massive crowds who create true sports passion in the stadium. We dare say that the atmosphere is so strong that it affects even people who do not understand baseball.